15 things we have learned on the road

We have been on the road for almost a year now. Here are 15 things that we have learned while on the road:

  • Lots of privacy. Oh wait! No we don’t know what privacy is anymore.
  • A level Airstream is a happy Airstream. Unless you like to always think you are bit tipsy and can’t walk straight inside.Level Airstream
  • One person awake = All people are awake!
  • Master skills at Tetris are great for refrigerator packing as well as limited storage space.Freezer
  • Acorns are loud and scary at times on the roof!Acorns
  • Sneaking around outside in your boxers is acceptable if the black tank is full at night.Dump
  • Raccoons are ninjas of the night. In certain campgrounds they run in gangs that will take your food as payment to stay in their territory.
  • Ice is a rare commodity for us.
  • People who pick up after their dog are great. People who don’t need to be force fed what came out of the south end of their mutt.20141022_115100
  • The challenge is to see how many days can you get away with wearing the same pair of jeans.
  • Always make sure that the plug you are plugging into is wired correctly. If not touching an aluminum door with no shoes on will really be a shocking situation!Power
  • 95% of the people we encounter camping are generally friendly and easy to talk to (of course this is scientific data). The other 5% are usually related to those that don’t pick up after their dog.
  • Paying for firewood is silly. I mean the stuff is practically laying around.Firewood
  • Hand dryers in a bathhouse can also double as hair dryers.
  • We absolutely love this lifestyle and can’t wait to see what the next year on the road has in store!Airstream Front

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