7 Reasons We’re Loving Maine

20150606_174907Have you ever had a moment when you realized you were at just the right place at just the right time and that what you’d been hoping for had become a reality? I don’t find those moments too terribly often, but back at the beginning of May that is exactly how we felt when we arrived on Mount Desert Island, Maine. And over the past month and 1/2, this feeling has turned into a gratefulness that has stuck with us and made us somewhat speechless, which is great for the soul but not so great for the blog.

What is it that’s so great? Well, the scenery is quite stunning, there’s plenty to do, and the food is magnificent, but honestly, we feel like we came here to work hard, connect with people and learn something new, and stepping into that is what makes us so speechlessly overwhelmed with thankfulness. However, because we treasure anyone who takes the time to read our blog, and we hope people are encouraged by our regular updates, we want to share a few details in the form of 7 reasons we’re loving Maine:

1 – Working Together: It has been a long, long time since Matthew and I worked together closely every day, and I had forgotten how much I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely challenges to overcome when working with your spouse, and I do sometimes miss the friends I left at my normal job back in Georgia, but really there is nothing sweeter than being a team with the one I love day after day. Over the past several weeks, we have cleaned hundreds of campsites, built tent platforms, scrubbed toilets, swept floors, and repaired all kinds of things, and we are loving every minute, especially because we’re together.

















2 – Playing Together: Our work schedule for this summer is 4 days on 3 days off per week, so we love being able to have some free time to explore Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. Our favorite thing to do as a family is hike the many mountain trails on the island, but when the weather is cold and rainy we like to explore the shops and eateries in Bar Harbor too. For hiking, we feel so spoiled being so close to Acadia National Park. We literally hop in the truck and drive just a few minutes to hundreds of miles of stunning hiking trails all over the island – should be enough to keep us busy all summer long. And when we’re a little leg-weary we love to hop into Somes Sound right at the campground docks and go crabbing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. (Between the frigid water temperatures and the red jellyfish, we haven’t been brave enough to swim too much yet, but I bet we’ll get there before too long!)
















3 – The Campground: During our first few moments at Mount Desert Campground we quickly realized that we have never seen such a beautiful campground anywhere. There are stunning water views, a super long floating dock, mountain views, lush forests, gorgeous moss, ferns, and birds, and the cleanest campground bathrooms you could ever imagine. (We know about the cleanliness of the bathrooms quite firsthand!) There are kayaks and paddleboards to rent, a clubhouse with coffee and goodies to buy, and a sweet office too. Our photos don’t even do it justice, but they’re certainly better than our words.
















4 – Our New Coworkers: The owners of the campground are several members of the Craighead family, and we feel very blessed to be working for them. Not only do they run an exceptional business, but they also appreciate our hard work and are super fun to be around. You never really know who you’ll be working for when you find a workcamper job online and sign on without meeting anyone or seeing the place, so we feel extremely fortunate to have found such a wonderful group of people! Also, we are on staff with a few really amazing women and 3 other fun workamping couples. We are all different ages from all different parts of the country – One couple is in their 70’s from Florida and Maine, another in their 60’s from New Hampshire, another in their 50’s from Pennsylvania, and then us Georgians in our early 30’s – but we always have a great time working and hanging out together, and as you can probably guess, we are learning heaps from their stories and encouragement. 20150608_182327
















5 – The Food: While here we’ve had the pleasure of eating heaps of Mainer food: lobster rolls, steamed clams, smoked clams, fiddleheads, whoopee pies, fresh maple syrup, sheep cheese, and the list goes on. We have really loved it all – we just keep asking, “Where’s the sweet tea and grits?” (Thankfully, our family has been sending grits, and we are pretty good at making our own sweet tea.)




















6 – Limited Internet and Cell Service: Wait, how did this show up in a list of reasons we’re loving Maine? Well, because having limited Internet and cell service in a place this beautiful has allowed us the opportunity to slow down and see things even more than we had before. I honestly think we’re not too bad when it comes to unplugging and leaving technology to enjoy the real world, but our new reality of having to walk a couple of minutes to shared Internet access and having to drive 10+ minutes to 4G cell service is helping us unplug even more. (Again, great for the soul, but not so great for the blog.)

7 – The Instant Gratification: Before taking the plunge into full-time travel, we worked in ministry and the nonprofit sector. Needless to say, we spent long hours doing valuable work with little visible progress, just like so many amazing people are doing day after day the world over. Now that we are doing a different type of work altogether, we have a new appreciation for those people and their determination. These days we see something dirty and we leave it clean, we see something broken and we fix it, we see something decaying and we replace it with something new, and the instant gratification feels great. We are thankful for how rewarding it feels to work hard and leave something visibly better than we found it, and we are also thankful for all of those who work hard and can’t yet see things better. It’s funny how the little things can bring some big revelations.















So, that’s it, a few details on what we’ve been up to lately and why we haven’t been blogging so much. As always, we hope you’re encouraged by our journey, and we’d love to hear about yours as well!  20150604_16065220150606_15161620150615_10014220150615_100031



  1. Matt and Celeste,
    We had such a great time hanging out with Janet, Jason, and you at Mt Desert CG. Thanks for taking the time to show us around your rig.

    Like all great vacations, we wish we could have spent more time with you all, exploring Acadia NP, and Mt Desert CG. If you are ever in eastern NC, look us up. You have a place to stop and rest. I have liked you on FB, so hope to keep up with your adventures!

    1. Matthew

      We enjoyed having y’all around but wish that you could have stayed longer. Keep in touch and hopefully we will run into each other sooner rather than later. Thanks for the invite to NC as well!

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