A Las Vegas Birthday

What kind of crazy parents give a child a trip to Las Vegas for his 8th birthday? Evidently we are those crazy parents, and he loved every minute. It was a magical day full of Lego Store visits, playgrounds, the free aquarium, birthday foods of all kinds, the mini Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower, dancing fountains outside of the Bellagio, a chocolate Lady of Liberty, and a Medieval dinner show surprise – the Excalibur Tournament of Kings. We truly had so much fun, and even though big cities, especially of the Vegas variety, aren’t exactly our style, we used the not-so-good sights as learning opportunities with intentional conversations, and we ate up every one of the good sights. (And yes, there was even a couple of “close your eyes right away” moments too.) I’m not quite sure if or when we’ll be making it back to Vegas, but it sure was a great way to celebrate a special birthday.

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