A Slow Southern Fall

Five years ago around this time of year, we started dreaming about full-time travel, and four years ago, those dreams became a reality. Our kids were 5 and 8 at the time (they’re 9 and 12 now), and when we look back on all we’ve experienced since 2013, we feel extremely blessed that it has worked out so well. And yet, we are still human, and travel is hard work, especially with so many other full parts of our lives – work, homeschool, planning for the future, family and friends and such. Then there’s the parent-guilt too (we are no more immune to it than anyone else) that whispers, “Is this really the best way to raise your kids – with tight living quarters, roaming here and there, trading consistency for togetherness, trading predictability and security for a family adventure?” And of course, there’s the resulting prayer and planning.


So, we’re always looking out for what’s going to be best for our kids long-term, and when we realized that we were traveling too fast this summer, we took a breather at home with family for a couple of months and ended up spending the fall roaming the southern states. We stayed in southern Tennessee for September while Matthew did some work and Celeste made it to meetings in Atlanta, trekked back home to Georgia for October to organize everything for Celeste to start her MPA in January – the first step towards a PhD, and explored the coast of the Carolinas down to Florida in November and early December.


Now we’re headed south for a fun Florida holiday season, and looking back on our slow southern fall, we realize just how good it has been to be with family and friends for a change, and how important it is for us to explore our home region the way we love to explore the rest of the country. So, looking ahead to 2018, we’re still making plans for the first 3 months of the year (and the last 3 months too) – that’s the challenge and thrill of having no home base of our own just yet – but one thing that’s written in pen on our calendar is another summer in Maine. So, stay tuned if you happen to like Acadia and the northeast like we do, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy a few photos of our slow southern fall.


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