IMG_20150504_190250We are the Orrs – a family of four traveling across the country in an Airstream, experiencing all we can, learning all we can, and doing life with people from all over the world.

WHERE WE’VE BEEN: For the first year+ of full-time travel, we lived in several different communities in our home state of Georgia both to get our finances in order and to experience more of our home state. We served as campground hosts at Laura Walker State Park in Waycross, Georgia and Fort McAllister State Historic Site in Richmond Hill, Georgia, and then headed off to Cambellsville, Kentucky for a go at the Amazon Camperforce. Then, at the beginning of 2015, we served as campground hosts at Victoria Bryant State Park in Royston, Georgia before launching out of the southeast to broaden our horizons. Since that time we have visited 35 states, worked for a summer near Bar Harbor, Maine, and toured the sights of the great American West for an entire winter. Now we’re off to explore some of the same places we’ve been before with new eyes and fresh perspective, and we’re seeking new adventures as well in all sorts of ways and plenty of new places too.

IMG_20160327_132604HOW IT ALL BEGAN: In the fall of 2013, after catching the travel bug from a stint of life in Sydney, Australia, and realizing that we had lived in 9 different communities over 10 years of marriage and were still feeling like we hadn’t even begun to experience all we were meant to, we had one of those fork-in-the-road conversations, and we started looking for options outside of what we knew to be possible. Through weeks of research, prayer, and thinking, we stumbled upon heaps of workamping job advertisements and a few families sharing their lives as full-time travelers, and we were inspired. So, 3 weeks and many sleepless nights later, we decided that was what we had been looking for, sold our house, furniture and other trinkets, and bought an RV (our first ever RV – ever) with hopes of moving to new communities a little faster than just once every 2 years or so, and our full-time travel dreams became a reality. Very quickly we found that lots of other people were in the same boat, and we were delighted to discover that when people are traveling, vacationing and in the camping state of mind, they are more open to meeting new people, sharing meals together, and exchanging where they’re from and what they do, which is just the kind of thing we were looking for. Also, they usually end up telling their story and asking questions, which many times opens the door to get to know each other, and that’s the kind of community we love. Over the past 3 years of full-time travel, this community of new friends to add to our long-time ones, and thousands of acquaintances and one-off encounters has enriched our lives in ways beyond description.

20150601_152821During our first 10 months of travel in Georgia we met so many people and were so amazed by their stories that we wanted to find a way to expand and share the experience with others, and perhaps inspire people much the same way that we were inspired by other travelers before us. So, in August of 2014 we formed Wandering Nation as a way to continue the effort and expand the journey across North America and beyond.



WHAT WE HOPE TO ACHIEVE: Our goal is to travel to as many places as possible, sharing life with people, and learning all we can in the process. We hope to see things we never would have been able to see in a traditional lifestyle, spend quality time as a family, and raise our boys to love the great outdoors, respect all people from every place, and experience the love of God in many different ways. We don’t know how long we’ll do this, and we don’t expect to arrive at any point in time. We’re just in it for the experience. And while we’re at it, we hope to talk with thousands of people and post hundreds of stories online about where we’re going, what we’re learning and who we’re meeting. We hope the result will be heaps of people (in addition to ourselves) encouraged, equipped, and empowered to go after the dreams in their hearts, their desires to invest in their own families, and their beliefs that a better world is possible, even if just for themselves and those in their own sphere of influence – big or small.

IMG_20160312_141704HOW WE FUND THE TRIP: When we first started traveling full-time, our plan was to workamp our way across the country, going from seasonal job to seasonal job finding opportunities through sites like workamper.com, and supplementing our income with a small consulting business. However, after one year of volunteer work with state parks and lots of consulting, and several subsequent months of paid workamping jobs and minimal consulting, we have learned a few lessons, and now have shifted our funding strategy to one online remotely-located 9-5 job and some workamping and consulting as needed.  The cool thing is that it works, and our new strategy has been working extremely well for all 4 of us for months now. And, whereas just 3.5 years ago we looked at full-time travel as a big dream beyond our grasp, now it’s been our reality for years, and we are still blown away by that.


WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: We love to travel, meet new people, and see things in new and different ways, and we believe God can use that for good. We also love to experience new things, grow and change constantly, and jump at the smallest possibility of great adventure, and we believe God can use that too. Over the years we have met so many people who don’t feel a connection to anything because they aren’t in a particular community or church every week, and we’ve also encountered people experiencing rejection in all sorts of ways. We think we can be a part of doing something about that, to be a bridge for people who are open to new friendships and looking for community, and we hope the result will be thousands of people connecting with other people and with God right where they are through real conversations, campfires, coffees, and in all sorts of ways.

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