Airstream Renovation 2016

On May 31, 2014, we drove to Knoxville, Tennessee and traded in our giant toyhauler for a brand spankin’ new, shiny Airstream home – a 30 ft. Flying Cloud bunkhouse – and since then we’ve been trekking all over the nation in it. So, 2 and 1/2 years later, why not remodel it?

Our boys have been growing taller and taller, and even though we prefer to spend loads of time outside, we’ve found the need for just a little bit more non-bed space indoors for board games, Lego, school, and movie-watching. So, we decided to remove the queen bed, closets, and cabinets from the front master bedroom, and turn it into a U-shaped lounge by day, a 2 single bed sleeping spot for boys by night. And, we removed the top bunk from the back bedroom to turn the almost-queen bed space into a little love nest for us parents (pretty sure that’s the only thing you can call a cozy sleeping space with walls all around it). Also, while we were at it, we removed and trashed all of the Airstream window screens (they were filthy), and cleaned all of the window sills and various other things, and reorganized all of our storage, purging quite a bit of junk (again).

Curious about the supplies and budget details? Fortunately, we were able to repurpose a lot of the wood and actually only had to buy a few things, although we admit a few were a little pricey – surely it’ll be worth it in the long run though. Here’s the final list: 1 sheet of plywood ($25), 1 sheet of aluminum ($75), 7 yards of ultra-leather ($450), a few new pillows and linens ($200), and a new memory foam mattress since we repurposed ours for the inners of the new lounge seats ($200). All up – the total project cost us just under $1,000 – a steal in our eyes since we now have loads more space and two very happy little boys.

Below are the during and after pics. (For before photos, see our Airstream Photo Tour blog post.)

img_20161107_082828 img_20161106_134850 img_20161104_174101

img_20161103_172320 img_20161108_094733 img_20161108_165111 img_20161104_174136img_20161108_165233img_20161108_094249img_20161108_092608

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