Big Bend National Park

When you find yourselves unexpectedly in Texas with no travel agenda, what do you do but visit Big Bend National Park? That’s what we did, at least, and we loved every single minute.

They say this park is only for those travelers who are truly committed, and that is no joke. Not only is it quite remote, but the park itself is giant! We drove 50 miles just from the entrance gate to the campground, and the next day we drove what seemed like that far to get to the best hiking trails. However, those hiking trails turned out to be inaccessible for us due to the fact that the temperature went from a warm 61 to a frigid 39 in a matter of miles due to elevation, a temperature we were simply not dressed for, as you can see by the short-sleeves and shorts in the photos.

In the end we spent 4 days at Big Bend. We got back into our favorite past-time by hiking to Boquillas Canyon, ran down a wicked sand dune (twice), watched the sun through a rare solar telescope, took a dip in the hot springs, watched a marvelous sunset at the top of the nature trail, and even got to cross the old Rio Grande and eat some tacos in Boquillas, Mexico. We bought field guides and identified birds and strange mammals we’d never seen before right on our campsite, hiked to the ancient petroglyphs, got a new Junior Ranger badge, and saw some very well-made wire scorpions and roadrunners in a tiny trail shop run by the good folks across the border. It was truly just what we needed!

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