Boquillas, Mexico

Crossing the Rio Grande from Big Bend, we were visitors in their village for just a few hours. We spent $20.50 and felt like it was not nearly enough. Person after person told us in broken English that American tourism was the only source of income for this little town, and we were made well aware with a craft booth in front of each home and children as young as 2 running out to the road to each passerby carrying something to sell. It seemed like every child, no matter the age, was there ready to run out and sell something – anything – and it impacted us deeply, especially our little boys who couldn’t imagine that being their work and play all day. But the people were so hospitable, and although we only spoke very little Spanish, we hope we were able to connect with them on some level and learn at least a little something from their beautiful community.

We visited the acclaimed Boquillas Restaurante and ate some of the best tacos we’ve ever had (very different and very good), rode our first international ferry (aka. rowboat), used our passports another couple of times (something we hadn’t expected to be able to do since Mexico’s reputations isn’t the best these days), and found a place we hope to return to. We may not have been able to communicate very effectively, and we may have felt a little uncomfortable having to tell so many people “no” when asked to buy so many beautiful trinkets, but we loved the experience nonetheless, and we realize there is more here than meets the eye. May this be the first of many international travels in our Airstreamin’ years ahead – the beginning of a new season of learning more than we ever have before.

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