We had our passports in hand. We were already so close. So, on our way back to Maine from Canada we decided to stop into the Roosevelt Campobello International Park for a little field trip, and we were absolutely captivated by the beauty, the history, and the legend of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt and all they did for our country and the world. Officially located in Canada but such a large part of America’s heritage, it’s one of the only international parks in the world and therefore represents a long relationship of peace and friendship between the two countries. Here are just a few of the beautiful scenes we experienced at Campobello that inspired us to learn even more about this phenomenal couple over the next few weeks and months.

A summer home for a few generations of the Roosevelts – An absolutely gorgeous and inspiring history field trip day for the Orrs.


























Eleanor Roosevelt was a First Lady who did so much more than serve tea, but serve tea she did as well. We were a bit late for tea time during our visit, but I’ll take it as even more reason to visit again.

20150818_120012She was a lady who left a legacy of equality, justice, and fighting for what’s right. She is one of my heroes. “What if Eleanor Roosevelt stood right here and looked out at this very same view?” I thought to myself as I waiting minute after minute for every other tourist to disappear from my camera’s view. I waited. I got the photograph. Now every time I look at it I think the very same thing.

20150818_114055Her kitchen looked a bit different from my tiny Airstream one, but she didn’t love to cook any more than I do, so at least we have that in common. (Although she had hired help to cook for her family while mine eats a good bit of frozen pizza, but who cares about that?)


“A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.” said Eleanor, and this may have been the reason she had some of the cottages removed from the property over the years. Thankfully, this one remains, although I do love the simplification theme in real life.


In the laundry room I asked our boys, “Where is the washing machine and dryer?” And they just rolled their eyes. Maybe they’ve been in too many historic landmarks to be fooled by that one.

20150818_114853Another ocean view where President Franklin Roosevelt pondered the fate of our country under his leadership and where Eleanor heard God speaking to her heart about so many things. We stopped. We looked. We listened too.


As an added bonus, we earned our first ever international stamp (the equivalent of the Junior Ranger badges we love to earn at the US National and State Parks), and we had a simply decadent lunch at the Fireside Restaurant (a real surprise after briefly seeing the remote parts of the island outside the park). Seriously some of the best broccoli soup and caesar salad I’ve ever tasted.


Just before crossing back over to the USA we stopped at a lighthouse by the bridge and saw over 25 large gray seals swimming in the channel catching their lunch! The boys couldn’t take their eyes off of them! (Actually, we couldn’t either.)



The lighthouse itself was pretty spectacular as well, as was the big lobster claw specimen!

























Naturally we visited the gift shop and purchased these biographies from the Who Was Series, our very favorite non-fiction series, which we’ll be using in school over the coming weeks. History really is exciting when you’ve walked where they’ve walked and seen what they saw, especially for such a remarkable couple as FDR and Eleanor.


We are so thankful for Campobello’s place as an international park, and so thankful that we were able to be a part of it for a few short hours. I would be lying if I said it was all for the kids though, because this one was mostly for me. I definitely plan to return, and next time I hope there will be tea!


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