Dents and Dings

Airstream Dent

Not long after we got our Airstream I decided to go ahead and break it in.  Leaving the awning out was never that big of a deal. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal this time either, but smarty pants here forgot to put up the center brace that supports the awning. During the night came one of those wonderful summer thunderstorms that drenches everything.

Fast forward until the next morning when I could barely open the door because of the awning bent over the door. Happy camper is not how you would have described me at this point.

The weight of the water had bent the arm towards the end of the Airstream to the point it had no chance of ever folding up. Then entered my next bit of stupidity. There is a warning label stating do not do exactly what I did next. Apparently I didn’t see this label.

When I detached the main long awning bar from the arm, it was under so much tension that all I could do was let go or break my wrist. I chose to let go, and it then flew into the side of the Airstream, giving it a great dent. On the bright side, the perk of having a house made out of rivets is that this dent might just be mistaken for one.

After lots of confirming my stupidity, I gave ZipDee (the awning manufacturer) a call. They were able to get a new arm out to me in the next couple of days.

Thanks to some quick Google research, I was able to get the new arm on as well as retighten the awning bar. These days everything is back to normal, but this is just a reminder to those out there that assume this is a constant vacation. It is far far from it!Awning BW

Dents and dings may come, but we are going to keep on rolling and do what we do!

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