Down on the Slough

Slough? What’s a slough? It’s really just a fancy name for a swamp – and that’s where we spent most of January 2017 – down on the slough of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, with a few beach and city camping spots in between, avoiding any risk of cold weather, trying to catch a few sights we missed last year when we passed through the area so quickly. We spotted alligators in the wild on the Mississippi side of Gulf Shores National Seashore camping at Davis Bayou, made a quick stop in Biloxi at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art for a homeschool pottery class, collected over 200 gorgeous conch and whelk shells at a sweet boondocking spot right on the surf at Rutherford Beach, Louisiana (our favorite boondocking spot so far!) watching thousands of ducks on our way in and out, weathered quite the Texas rain storm at Sandy Creek Corps of Engineers Park, camped with full hookups for free near Houston at Spring Creek Park, and then headed back down to the beach for free camping at Chamber Park in Sargent, Texas, and battled the crowds for a $5 night (although tight) at Padre Island National Seashore. Pretty sweet start to 2017 in our books, and heaps more to experience in the coming months.



  1. Sue

    Art and I were just talking wondering where you were. We still haven’t made it camping in the panhandle. We cancelled reservations due to possible snow and high winds!
    Lovely winter so far in sarasota.

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