Grand Canyon National Park

“Something happens to our brains when we are constantly experiencing new things, constantly changing our routines, constantly traveling to places for the first time. They become more clear somehow, more open to new information, maybe even more hungry for it, and so, we become more aware of everything, even things we’ve seen before but not noticed yet. It’s like waking up when we didn’t even realize we’d been asleep.” This thought has been chasing after me ever since I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time on Easter Sunday 2016, and I haven’t been able to shake it. Maybe everyone has deep thoughts overtake them when they see the Grand Canyon for the first time, or maybe I was just high on endorphins and adrenaline (it is exhilarating to lean out and peer over the edge). Either way, seeing the Grand Canyon was absolutely everything I thought it would be and more, and it left a mark on my life that I didn’t know was possible for a hole in the ground to do.

The Grand Canyon was a big must-see on our list for this leg of the trip. We had been waiting for months for the weather to become just right, rescheduling our must-do’s, searching for just the right window of time to visit, circling the surrounding areas, hoping to find a 2 week period that would work, and then, with fast-approaching commitments on the east coast, we realized it was now or never, so we took a 2-day window of warm weather and soaked up every moment, sad that it couldn’t be 2 weeks, but thankful that we wouldn’t be covered in snow too.

Driving through the park, we stopped at the first available overlook, and that was when we saw it. “Impossible to grasp,” the brochure said. “No joke,” we replied. All 4 of us stared, paralyzed by her beauty. Then we parked our camper at the nearby Kaibab National Forest for boondocking, and headed to the Rim Trail. The walk was super slow because we had to stop so many times just to look, and of course, to snap a few hundred photos. Then we made our way to the Visitor’s Center, secured our Junior Ranger books, viewed the informational film, and back out to the rim we went.

“Overwhelms the senses,” another pamphlet told us, and that was definitely the best way to describe it. This is definitely one item on our list that I don’t feel like we’ve seen the last of.

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