Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Being so close to another more well-known national park, we almost skipped Guadalupe Mountains National Park altogether, but with $8 spots for the night and some of the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises we’ve ever seen, I’m so glad we didn’t. This little park is definitely worth the time to visit. Not only was the camping super quiet and reasonably priced, but we were even able to spend a few hours with the natural history exhibits and complete the Junior Ranger booklet to earn a National Park badge. (Also, we may have taken a short detour by the famous Prada Marfa art exhibit and spotted a parked blimp on the road as well!)

IMG_20160120_074916 IMG_20160119_172456 IMG_20160119_163835 IMG_20160119_173029 IMG_20160119_160134 IMG_20160119_155041 IMG_20160119_140026 IMG_20160119_134122 IMG_20160119_101744 IMG_20160119_160407 IMG_20160119_172346

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