Hitchhiking Hope

I am a little different. Odd some people might call it. Twisted sense of humour humor, maybe? Probably many other things could be used to describe me. Recently I was reminded that different is alright. I want to take you on a little journey, and hopefully it will inspire you today.


Celeste and I are about to celebrate our 11th anniversary, but doing the actual math, she has been putting up with me for nearly 19 years. Ok, maybe I should be saying that she is a little different (can we say straight jacket?) to be able to tolerate me for that long! Over this time we have been through heaps of ups and downs and ins and outs. The stuff that life begins to throw at you. You know the stuff that begins to actually suck the life out of you. Jobs, finances, stress, and you can fill in all the other things that come with a relationship. Thankfully she is a phenomenal woman, and it has never been in our spirit to settle for average or getting by. Not settling with the ordinary of what life wants to deal us.

When I was a teenager I would pick up hitchhikers with the philosophy of having a captured audience to share with as well as listen to their stories. While this may not have been the safest thing, I always assumed my bean-pole 6’3 figure would scare them from trying anything fishy. Not like they were going to want to steal my tiny little truck anyway!

Ok, now you are thinking “what did that have to do with anything?” Yes I ramble ,but stick with me; there is a point. Just make it to the end!

How about a moment of even more transparency? Well here you go. After working for multiple churches over many years, there was always a burning within me that I needed to do more. Not the same routine of putting together small groups or Sunday school. Not singing some songs and speaking at people about what they need to do to have a relationship with a God that would allow them to be happy. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing I love more than being engaged in worship with my guitar in my hands, but deep within me I needed to actually connect with others.

Please don’t read that as bashing the church because there are plenty of places doing church well, and we love connecting others to those great places.  Places that are passionately loving the people of their community. It is a beautiful thing to see how people are impacted.

The people and stories I have encountered over the years is what shape who I am. People who have maybe only been a part of my life for a quick moment but changed my outlook forever. Some call it a God moment. I can safely speak for the four people in this Airstream knowing that we don’t want to miss any of those moments. To change someone’s day, week, month, year, even their eternity. The amazing thing about this is that we are changed as well. Hoping to be the best version of us that we can be.

Fire Airstream

No, our ministry is not conventional. It isn’t the normal way of doing things. With a changing world and society we have decided to take things to the road. To bring people someone that will listen. Bring them someone that is willing to help. Offer truth where truth needs to be spoken and love at all times.

Hope is what we offer. Hope that there is some good left in this world. Hope that someone is willing to listen and actually cares. Hope for a life that is more than what you are dealt.

So guess what – if you made it this far, I should explain about the hitchhikers. I genuinely wanted to do nothing but help them and saw that opportunity to speak into their life and also offer hope and actual assistance along the way. Captured audience, as I said. Similar with what I just did with you here by convincing you to read to this point. Holding you here until you read what I have to say. Now let me offer you this.

Wherever you are, whether good or bad, there is hope. There is an exciting and amazing life ready for you to take hold of. You don’t have to be stuck in what life deals you or what others tell you. It is time to move forward for yourself and for others around you. What are you waiting for?




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