Home for a Bit

We really weren’t sure how this summer would go since it was the first summer since we started traveling full-time that we were free agents, out on the road with no real agenda and plenty of road to burn and places to see. For the past 3 summers, we’ve been locked into some pretty amazing workcamping gigs, meaning that we were staying put 5 months or so each year for the summer camping season, but this year, we decided we needed to see the northwest, a section of the country we hadn’t yet experienced, and we thought we could use a break from our normal slow summer pace.


So, after spending March and April exploring Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, we soaked up Wyoming, Idaho and Montana during May and June, dipped into Washington for just a few days, and then found ourselves ready to zip east a bit and tackle the Dakotas and a few northern states. But just as we made it to the Dakotas for an amazing fireworks display on July 4th in Lead, South Dakota, we started thinking about home and wanting to take it a bit easier. (Also, we were burning up in 106-degree weather – not ideal for our boondocking selves.) So, we went back to the higher elevations of southern Wyoming for cooler weather and lake swimming, but found that our bodies, our minds, and our hearts were ready to head on home.


Home is a relative term to nomadic people like us, I think. Our Airstream and our little family of 4 is definitely home, but we also have a home state too, and an extended family there. We love that we’re from Georgia. We’re proud of our home state, and we’ve really missed all of the summer treats by being away the past 2 summers, but it’s really hot and humid in Georgia in July, so why did we want to go home? I think it’s because we needed a reset – a retreat and reprieve from running from one national park to the next, one gorgeous mountain to another, one stunning body of water to an even better one. We needed to see people we knew, who knew us, and we needed to just be – to eat some watermelon, peaches, banana pudding and drink a few gallons of sweet tea. We needed a little bit of balance, to get our health, our budget, and our goals back on track and really plan what kind of travel we want to do over the next 2, 3, 5, 10+ years. (And to purge our storage and give away a bunch of stuff too.)


So, home we went – arriving an entire month earlier than we had planned, and we’ve been loving it ever since. Yes, it’s breathtakingly hot and humid, but we’ve got a big ol’ lake, a nice little swimming pool, and plenty of ice cubes for our sweet tea (not to mention power for the Airstream AC and family with big houses in case the Airstream gets too hot), so we’re good – really good. I know we won’t be here forever (actually, we’re taking the Airstream up to Tennessee for 5 days to celebrate a birthday and see the TSE and then there’s a little trip to Ireland for one of us and perhaps some Smoky Mountains fall plans too), but it’s so nice to feel some balance in our wandering, to know that you really can go home again, even if it’s a different you than the one that left; and that in the future, when we head off on our cross-country adventures (or back up to Maine, or wherever else we roam), we really do have a home to come back to. While it may not be a physical house or a piece of property that’s ours just yet, there’s plenty of land, several driveways, some kitchen tables, and even a few tailgates we’re welcome to for a bit, and that makes us feel so good. We really couldn’t do what we do without our family and friends here in Georgia (and around the country too), so it’s so nice to be able to just be with them, enjoy them, and do life with them for a little bit.


We still don’t know when this traveling thing will be over (if ever), and we still aren’t even sure where we might be next month even, but there are friends and family back home who are starting to understand and accept that – and that means the world to us.

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