I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you guys do this so young?


Over the past 10 months of traveling full-time we’ve met hundreds of people, and every now and then we get the question, “I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you guys do this being so young?”

Yes, it’s true that most full-time RVers are retired, independently wealthy or traveling for work, but the way that we are able to do this is a bit different. We like to call it something like the “risky faith-embrace” that has never failed so many missionaries who have gone before us.

First of all, we have reduced our living expenses tremendously. A little over a year ago, we sat down and had a difficult conversation with each other. At the time, we owned a house that we were renting out and we were also paying rent for a small house in Darien and feeling that it was time to move to a different place again. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that we needed to make a significant change, so we talked about what we felt we were being called to do and what we needed to do to get ready to fully obey. The outcome was a conviction that we were meant to move more often than once every couple of years, followed by the decision to sell our house no matter what and start downsizing. Within 5 months of that conversation we closed on the sale of our home, sold our furniture and extras, and bought a home that could travel wherever and whenever we needed to.

Secondly, our lives have been somewhat unconventional since the day we were called to be missionaries years ago. We have both been blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to work for several ministries, churches, and organizations over the past 10 years, but in each of these opportunities we served a purpose and then felt God calling us to another place. This has been difficult to explain, but the only way I know to put it is that when the He speaks an urgent call into my soul, I just can’t say no – even if I’m not exactly sure of what He’s calling me to at the time. Through these opportunities we have received the training, good reputation and connections needed to earn an income through freelance work and consulting, and this accounts for a portion of what we need to live on the road.

Also, we serve as volunteers and workcampers at state parks and campgrounds, which enables us to stay without cost and also gives us the opportunity to participate in fun family activities at low or no cost.

Which leads us to the “risky faith-embrace” portion. Earlier this summer we came to the conclusion that it was time to take this initiative to another level. After meeting so many people who wanted to stay connected to us on the road and who wanted to be a part of our commitment to sharing the love of Christ with people as well as sharing people’s stories with them, we knew we had to formalize our missionary work. Then, after meeting some outstanding pastors, teachers, and church leaders and talking with them about what we felt we were being called to do, we knew we needed to include local churches. So, we resigned from the work that was keeping us in southeast Georgia, took on some freelance work that would allow travel, and started working on a way to reach out to supporters.

The result is Wandering Nation, a ministry where churches, groups and individuals can partner with us by ongoing or one-time donations. These supporters will receive monthly updates, resources, and an opportunity to give feedback on a regular basis. This will allow churches that don’t already support national missionaries the opportunity to be connected to the work daily, to have us speak, lead worship, and/or serve at their church in whatever way needed from time to time, and also serve as a place where wandering Christians and seekers can come to experience a church family.

Our 5 year goal is to travel to every state and province in North America, sharing God’s love through intentional conversation with thousands of people who need to know He loves them, and partnering with several churches in each state and province that will volunteer to be a church home for people who are wandering. During that time, we will post nearly 1,000 of these stories online to encourage and empower others to join the effort, and we will also be serving at churches in need across the country by leading worship, organizing prayer meetings, hosting seminars for youth or adults, speaking, teaching, hosting parent groups, or serving in whatever way needed. We also hope to raise the funding needed to bring other couples, families, or singles on board with Wandering Nation so that they can do the same in their own travels, sharing the stories of people they encounter and receiving the resource needed to share God’s love. Then, at the 5 year mark, we plan to meet with partners and workers to form the goal, vision and plan for the next season.

There are so many people today who want a connection to God’s love, His house, and His Body, and so many others who are seeking a life of significance and need to know God’s heart is toward them. Unfortunately, many of these people do not feel comfortable walking through the doors of a church, and they need a bridge. That’s what Wandering Nation seeks to do, and we believe the result will be thousands of people working with local churches reaching thousands more people with the message that God loves them, Jesus Christ died for them, and “You, yes, YOU, belong in the Body of Christ – there’s a place for you today.”

Your partnership and contributions are vital to getting the message that God loves each person out to those who need it across the continent. If you or your group or church are interested in having us lead worship, speak, or serve in any way at your church; if you are interested in partnering with us for the next year or more; or if you would like to follow and contribute to the cause, please contact us through the Contact Us tab above, or choose the Partner With Us tab above to contribute.



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