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I love to blog, really I do. Despite the risk that someone might read my words and jump to conclusions, despite the awkward conversations that start, “Well, I wrote about this, so stop me if you’ve already read what I’m about to tell you…” and despite the overall fear of putting ourselves and our life before the world’s eyes, I do love to blog, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. It’s a dream realized. Not too many years ago I was a young mom of two babies looking for a meaningful way to connect with others across the world through two of my favorite things – reading and writing. Fast forward 8 years, and hey, I’m blogging, and it’s not totally flopping! And, unlike my first couple of tries at writing, I’m not just giving my own thoughts and opinions (there are plenty of blogs doing that already); I’m just showing some pretty cool stuff we’ve been blessed to experience, building some pretty outstanding memories with my family, and hopefully inspiring other families to go after their dreams.
  2. It’s an avenue to equip others. There are seriously so many outstanding blogs, and it is certainly not in my heart to compete with any one of them. However, if there is any little thing about our family’s story of breaking out of our own little world and doing life with more people – different people – all over the country for a season that could equip someone else to go after what they feel God is calling them to do, then that is what it’s all about. If our highs and lows as a traveling family could help others avoid the pitfalls and go after the good stuff, then all the better! We’ve certainly been helped by other travelers, and we still are every single day!
  3. It has the potential to encourage someone. The world we live in makes encouragement pretty much a necessity, and sometimes that is hard to come by from real humans in verbal form. So we try to keep our little corner of the web positive and encouraging just in case someone needs some courage today.
  4. It is empowering. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have found myself discouraged and feeling powerless to pursue the big dreams in my heart, nor can I begin to count the number of times I have been transported out of those feelings into a place of hope because of a piece of information or an example of someone else going after their dream. That is what I hope others find when they happen to find wanderingnation.com ~ a bright spot giving them information, tools, and stories for following their dreams.
  5. It forces me to think, reflect, and appreciate. Even for those of us trying to pursue a life of intentionality, simplicity, and a slower pace, time passes by quickly sometimes, and before I even realize it, the end of another month has come and I haven’t posted anything on the blog. And yet, I remember that I made a commitment to our friends and family that we would share our hearts, our photos, and our experiences at least once a month, so I sit down to write, and immediately the to-do list fades into the background of my mind and I realize again and again how blessed we are to be able to do what we’re doing. Even now, as I look back at this past month and think about all of the adventures we had together, I am overwhelmed with appreciation. In the words of a camper we met this weekend, “How amazing that you get to do this! What a blessing for your kids!” We are so thankful.
  6. It’s a holder of memories for our family. I often wonder how we’ll remember the details of these years on the road. Will we be able to recall where we saw that 3am meteor shower or just exactly how shiny the bioluminescence appeared underneath our fingertips? Will we remember just how magical it felt to encounter Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon for the very first time? What will our boys think about when they recall their homeschooling days in different states every few weeks or months for however many years? Will we be able to remember just how special our family time together was in this season? For those very reasons, I’m putting our best memories in the little boxes of this blog ~ hoping one day our boys will read each post and remember this season with smiles, laughs, and a few heart leaps too.
  7. It heals my faulty memory. I so wish I could remember every single thing about every single day I get to spend with my husband and our little boys. I want to cherish each and every little detail. But my memory isn’t perfect. I can’t hold onto everything. So I blog. I write about them as often as I can make time to do it. I put it down and read it back. And I go through my journals, too, for the more personal stuff. And every time I read the details over again, my memory gets a little spark. I remember more and more of the details, details that could have been lost forever.
  8. It’s a handy way to show family and friends our best travel photos. I love Instagram, as does probably every other visual learner on the planet who has access to the tech. But some people just aren’t into it, and some of those people are our friends and family. So, what better way to share our best travel photos with them than a blog? Also, even on IG, I’m pretty picky about which photos I share and how many I post of the same thing (feed-clogging is a bummer). So it’s so nice to be able to share several different pictures about the same place or topic on our blog! That way those people who are the most interested can look at however many photos of it until their little hearts are content.d
  9. It means being faithful to a promise made. When we started traveling, we quickly decided that although a lot of it was for ourselves and for pursuing something we felt God had placed in our hearts long ago, we knew it couldn’t just be about us. So, after about 9 months of being on the road, we started Wandering Nation as a way to share our dream with others through blogging, once-a-month update emails, and accountability to our friends and family back home. So each time I think, “I really don’t have time to blog, do I?” I remember those friends and family members we talked to nearly 2 years ago now when we started Wandering Nation, and I think about all of the emails and phone calls we’ve gotten from them over the past few years. If this blog is for anything, it’s for them. We want them to know that we haven’t forgotten them. We never will.
  10. It is setting a good example for our kids. It’s so fun and easy for me to start something new. The adrenaline is pumping, my mood is elevated, the ideas are shooting out at lightning speed. But then, when it’s not new anymore, what happens? Well, if it’s something with no real value or worth, I stop doing it. Cold turkey ~ not wasting another minute. However, if it’s something truly important, I have to keep going, long after the adrenaline, good mood, and lightning-fast ideas have faded. And I think this is a valuable lesson my kids need to see modeled before them. Blogging is one area like that for me. I see the value, even when I don’t feel the adrenaline pumping. I see the worth, even when I know that only my Mom will read it that day. (love you, Mom) So I keep going, and I know it will be worth it in the end.
  11. Opportunities can come from anywhere. Somewhere along the way in my 34 years of life, someone taught me this little truth: Opportunities can come from anywhere. How does that apply to blogging? Well, really, who knows just yet? But if opportunities exist for bringing about positive change on this planet (and we know they are), then why can’t they come my way through this little bitty blog? I bet they can. 🙂


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