I run over puppies.

truck front

So yesterday I ran over a puppy. Yes it is as traumatizing as it sounds but there was absolutely nothing I could do or any way to make the brakes work faster. I will save you the details. With that comes this post and thought.

This week has been filled with deaths and births in different parts of our family. With each occasion there are different emotions. Remembering, anticipation, laughter, tears, and almost everything in between. These times always put me into more reflection on my life than normal.

Many people do not get why we do what we do or how we approach life, and that is alright. Our lifestyle isn’t for everyone. I hope that we are living in such a way to inspire others to live so that at the end of it all they are happy with what they have experienced, memories made, and the legacy they leave behind.  God has called us all to live an exceptional life ~ not just one of mediocrity. Acknowledging this is why we dare to do what we do. Willingness to settle just isn’t in my nature.

We travel because we want to encounter what the world has to offer as well as the people in it.  Everyone is different and has something to offer.  Our goal is to be inspired by others while also doing the same for them. We take the good and the bad and apply it to our lives all while sharing a message of love and hope with those we meet.

Your ideas of what life looks like for you and your family may, and probably are, different than ours.  I just challenge you to live it in such a manner that you know it is the best life for you! We would love to hear about what this looks like for you!



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