Just another day

Hard Labor

Today marks day 9 of our time here at Hard Labor Creek State Park. Don’t let the name fool you it has not been anything of the sorts. Since being here we have had the opportunity to connect with so many people in a short amount of time.

Let’s break down the numbers.

  • 14 hosts and volunteers from all different areas.
  • 7 staff members
  • 13 campers

So what do those numbers even mean? Those are people that I have had the opportunity to share with about what we do and why we are doing it.

Now I do have to give some credit of our conversation starters to our Airstream as it does have the shiny factor that tends to draw people in and ask questions. All the better though, because once we tell them that we have been full-time on the road for almost a year, they ask questions that open huge doors.

“How? Did you win the lottery? Why? What about a home?” With these questions come answers about our willingness to trust God as well as seeing our desire and passion for people to connect with something real.

I get told this daily. Not exaggerating. At least once daily if not more. “You are so young and you are full-time?” Anyone that knows me probably understands that it is hard for me not to reply, “You are so old.” Maybe handing out a quick bottle of Ensure for moments like this? Not really sure if that is the approach best suited for a positive outcome though.

What usually comes out of that exchange of dialogue is that I remind them that we are not guaranteed tomorrow so that we are making the most of our opportunities today.

While we will continue to post the stories of individuals, I wanted to just give a glimpse of our time here so far and the overwhelming amount of opportunity that we have. Thanks to all that have shown their support and prayers in our continuing effort to make an impact in this nation. May you make the most of your day today!

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