Bumps in the Road

ShoesJust in case anyone sees the website, Instagram feeds, Facebook pages, etc. and begins to think our life of full-time travel and ministry is all butterflies and rainbows, here are a few bumps in the road that happen from time to time, just like I’m sure happen to many others:

  • Some doors are slammed in our faces – contracts fall through, clients don’t pay on time, friends and churches aren’t interested in the mission to connect wanderers to the Body of Christ, and we have to get back into a quiet place with God to confirm His word to us.
  • Sometimes we get to a place that we thought would be full of God-moments, but quickly find out there seem to be no opportunities at all, so we have to use all of our perseverance to do the best we can with what we have and then use all of our brainpower to find the next place to go.
  • Sometimes it takes 5+ hours to do laundry at the laundromat or campground machines, and even after all that time, the towels are still damp (and it’s humid or raining or cold outside, so damp is what you’re left with), and we must choose to be thankful for clean clothes, washing machines, dryers, and so many other modern conveniences rather than choosing to complain about the damp towels.
  • Sometimes when we meet new people, instead of smiling or continuing in the conversation, they look at us like we’re from Mars.
  • Sometimes the kids wake up and decide they don’t want to do their schoolwork, and we have to discipline them by canceling really fun field trips and art projects, meaning we spend the entire day doing worksheets with no end in sight.
  • Sometimes it is so humid or rainy that our shoes smell bad for weeks (not mine, of course, but all the guys’ shoes), and no matter what we do we can’t get the smell out, so we stuff them under the camper for a week or more praying for the sun to come out and dry them.
  • One time the new A/C unit leaked inside the new camper, and we had to leave it in the shop for a week or so while the boys and I slept at a friend’s house and Matthew stayed behind at the park to work, sleeping in his hammock at night.
  • Sometimes it’s just not glorious at all – the cleaning, the cooking, the laundry, the homeschool, making the beds, scrubbing the toilet, bleaching the shower, sweeping off the rug for the thousandth time (the list goes on).
  • Sometimes we get grumpy – the to-do list just gets longer, time gets shorter, money becomes tighter, the camper gets a little more narrow and our elbows just a little bit sharper, and we have to choose love rather than grumpiness.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation with someone – sometimes I don’t feel exactly talkative and sometimes they don’t want to talk to me.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to get interested in someone else’s world, no matter how hard I try, and I have to ask the Lord to give me grace again to do what He put us here to do – love Him, love others, and make disciples.
  • Sometimes life is just hard – people you love are suffering, someone you know is battling sickness, depression has taken the life of a young person with so much Kingdom potential, the list goes on, and we have to trust God even in the midst of the pain.

I’m sure many of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. So many times I’ve been tempted to see someone living their dream, doing what they believe God has called them to do and think, “Wow, they are so lucky! I wish my life was like theirs!” It’s also pretty easy to say that to us because we are so grateful to be doing this, and we feel such a responsibility to be positive and life-giving in everything we post, that many times when we are battling negative things, we choose to keep quiet.

But the truth remains for everyone, life happens, and it’s not always easy. So, in case anyone out there is struggling this week, we want you to know you’re not alone. God sees you, and He cares about every single detail – every single one. James 5 says, “God cares – cares right down to the last detail.” So when everything gets tough and good news is hard to find, we can talk to Him about it. He cares.

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