Lake Mead

Who wouldn’t like to start off a new leg of your winter out west with your Airstream’s first blowout? (insert sarcastic tone) Even though we only had a little over 11,000 total miles on the Airstream, research told us it could happen any day. (That’s the joy of factory trailer tires.) And just as we were making our way from Las Vegas to Lake Mead, that’s exactly what happened. Thankfully everything stayed in tact enough to spare us any damage, and we actually only noticed the blowout when we stopped at a toll gate. So we pulled over, used our Andersen levelers to hoist up the silver beauty, and Matthew changed the blown one out for the spare with minimal onlookers and time lost.

For the next 2 weeks we planted ourselves at a pretty sweet lakefront boondocking spot at Stewarts Point on Lake Mead, while Matthew got to work on replacing tires – not just 1 – not just 4 – but 8 new tires, and 4 new rims to boot. (Yes, we upgraded to larger rims and tires for the Airstream, and since we were borderline needing them on the truck too, we sprung for Michelins all around.) Needless to say, Lake Mead was by far our most expensive leg of the journey this winter!

Despite the cost and work (for Matthew at least), we did manage to enjoy ourselves and the sights and sounds of Lake Mead. We hiked the shore nearly every day, read our school books while the water lapped over our feet, visited the Hoover Dam, hiked to our little heart’s content at nearby Valley of Fire State Park, and were even able to witness a military training exercise with paratroopers, helicopter pickups, and boat rescues too. Also, we discovered the largest tumbleweeds in the world (we think, at least), threw rocks in the water just for the plunking sound, saw a gorgeous double rainbow, and even earned a Junior Ranger badge too. Not too bad, even with that little tire setback for the adventure.

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