After deciding to speed up our journey to the southeast for the fall (making it there for the end of summer instead), we sped across Kansas, stopped at a sweet little state lake for a weekend and started to feel the heat rise. (Kansas state lakes are amazing and free, by the way.) By the time we were in Tennessee, we knew our boondocking days were limited (camping without AC in 90+ Fahrenheit is not for us). So we put in a couple of 5+ hour driving days and stopped in Memphis at Meeman Shelby State Park for a rest. Luckily we were able to meet up with the Hendricks family (fellow Airstreamers) and enjoyed a night on Beale Street with some good soul food and live blues too. Our last excursion to Memphis as a family back in 2009 was pretty bad, and this was a great way to redeem the city for us. Thanks, Memphis! We’ll be back!

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