Mojave National Preserve

If you read this blog from time to time, you just might get the impression that we love National Parks. Well, you would absolutely be correct; we do. This month we had the pleasure of spending some time in the Mojave National Preserve for the first time, and despite a couple of challenges along the way (like traveling for miles down a very sandy washboard dirt road with the Airstream, wishing we could turn back every moment), we loved it. After boondocking for a few nights at Kelso Dunes and experiencing one of the toughest hikes of our lives so far up 650 feet of sandy sand dune, we moved to more reliable cell service at the Hole in the Wall Campground (requirements of working online), hiked the Rings Loop Trail through Banshee Canyon (one that quickly hopped onto our favorite hikes list), caught sight of stunning petroglyphs, spotted a giant lizard, and helped the boys earn the 100th birthday Centennial National Park Junior Ranger badge, a prize we’ve been searching for since January. We were surprised to enjoy Mojave so much, and we’re definitely planning a return!

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