Mount Desert Campground – Our #1

If you know anything about us it might be that we love Maine and spent 2 magical summers on Mount Desert Island working at Mount Desert Campground – our #1 rated campground in the entire world so far. (We talk about that kind of a lot.) Here are our top 10 reasons why:

10. Docks (or “floats” as they call them) – The hub of all things kid and crab related all summer long – also the place where we caught loads of squid that quickly turned into calamari on our site – the docks are astounding. Reaching all the way out to “the Lamb,” it’s where we go to swim, float around in the Sound, fish, crab, meet people, and just chill. It’s also where we go to hop in a kayak, take a break from the paddleboards, or just read a book.

9. Coffee – It’s not all they serve at The Gathering Place (the little cafe inside the Campground open during July-August), but man is the coffee good… and it’s pretty cool that it was just a 5 minute walk from our campsite too!

8. SUP – Yes, the campground has kayaks and canoes for regular folks, but those stand-up paddleboards are my cup of tea!

7. Campfire Weather – We have a few firebugs in the family, as you can see from our woodpile pic below, and campfires at MDCG are always in style because even on the hottest day, the evening turns at least cool enough for a small fire and a few smores.

6. Blueberries – We’re not telling you any details, but yes, there are wild blueberries in the campground, and just like all Maine blueberries, they are pretty special.

5. Campers – I can’t even begin to count how many camping folks we met during our two summers at MDCG, and so many of them have turned into friends. No matter where we end up, we definitely won’t forget them.

4. Llewellyn Trail – A little taste of Acadia hiking right outside our back door – it even has cliffs, which we love.

3. Trees, Water, and Rocks – When it comes to describing the scenery at MDCG, it is beyond words. The views of Somes Sound are beyond compare, and there really is nothing like being surrounded by Christmas trees for months on end, complete with that Christmas tree smell that will catch anyone off guard from time to time. (It’s one of my favorite things in the world – that Christmas tree smell, even in the summer.)

2. Workcampers – We might be partial, but boy are those workcampers a special group of folks. We have made forever friends with the whole lot, and we look forward to stopping by their various places all over the country for a little visit – or dinner – or whatever. (hint, hint)

#1 – Owners – We honestly could not have asked for anything better when we sent in a blind application for a workamping gig back in November 2014. The owners of this campground are top-notch, and we hope to have them in our lives for a long, long time. 
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