Mustang Island State Park

We loved Padre Island National Seashore more than words can say, but in the end, the moisture invading the inside of our Airstream and the lack of sunny days to fuel our solar power needs drove us to nearby Mustang Island State Park for a bit of shore power during our last weekend on the road towards our winter job in south Texas. (After all, we really didn’t want to show up to a new job with soggy bedding, damp hair, and smelly shoes, so we had to have a way to run our dehumidifier.)

Thankfully, our little power trip didn’t cost us too terribly much ($20/night), although we were a little surprised by the $5 per adult per day state park fee (making it $30/night – still a great deal for folks in need of water and power hookups compared to the $8/night we were paying at Padre for no hookups whatsoever), and we were pleasantly surprised to see quite a few Airstreams waiting for us there! As we drove in, we met another full-timing family on their way out who just so happened to have a 2014 Flying Cloud bunk just like us, and had a sweet little chat with them while we checked in (I love surprises like that). Then, despite the “Watch for Snakes” sign and two completely wet days (trapping us inside to rest), we had a lovely weekend. If you find yourself on Padre in need of a little power-up, we recommend this spot.


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