Niagara Falls


We left Mt. Desert, Maine on October 14, set our GPS to take us west, and made way towards Niagara Falls. Since none of us have ever been there before, we were pretty excited for the new experience, even if we were all heartbroken to leave our friends in MDI.



The first day we traveled through New Hampshire and landed in Montpelier, Vermont. Along the way we were overwhelmed by the gorgeous fall colors, each one of us staring out the window for hours and hours until motion sickness forced us back to books and drawing. That night we stayed at a sweet Harvest Host called Morse Farms Maple Sugar Works, ate a few maple sugar candies, and enjoyed the swings, cornucopia, a few friendly goats, and of course, the free overnight parking. It was a fall wonderland.












The second day we traveled through northwestern New York, enjoying all of the lovely cattle and wind farms along the way, saw quite a few Canadian border crossings and border patrol cars, and settled for the night at another Harvest Host, Thousand Islands Winery in Alexandria Bay, New York. The raspberry wine was divine, the scenery was fabulous, and of course, the overnight parking was free, so we loved every minute.

20151015_16133120151016_163051And on the third day we finally arrived at Niagara Falls! After heaps of road construction, a good bit of rain, and even a short hailstorm, we parked our Airstream at Four Mile Creek State Park and headed across the line to the Canadian side to meet our Canadian friends who just so happen to be the very first family we ever met on this RV adventure back in November of 2013! The falls took our breath away, and we had a magical night of fun with our friends laughing, eating, and catching up on 2 years of lost time.imagejpeg952






























The next day we made our way to the American side of the falls where we were able to see the acclaimed rainbow of Rainbow Falls and even spend some time on Goat Island. We were also able to visit Lake Ontario (our family’s first time seeing a Great Lake, or “Giant Ocean Lake” as we now like to call them), and the whirlpool in the Niagara River too! Although we got into a bit of bad weather and rough roads to and from, it was definitely worth the trip for so many reasons – reconnecting with friends, enjoying a breathtaking natural beauty, seeing the look of wonder on our children’s faces, and experiencing something new as a family.


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