O Canada!

In the middle of August, our Elijah turned 10, and what did he want for his birthday? A trip into Canada, of course. To eat Canadian food. To see Canadian things. To have some Canadian fun. So we drive up from Mount Desert, Maine into Saint John, New Brunswick for three days. And although the trip was only about an 8 hour drive round-trip, it was definitely a cultural experience. Here are just a few highlights…

Crossing the border… a bit nerve-wracking, but we made it through a total of 4 times with only 1 inspection, which we passed with flying colors, of course (mainly because we had gobbled up all of our fruit just minutes before getting to the crossing station).
20150816_114828What’s the first thing you do when you get into a new country? Eat their weird food – at least that’s what we did… Poutine is evidently a big Canadian thing, so we hopped into a restaurant of our birthday boy’s choice, tried it and loved it. (Poutine not pictured here because we ate it too fast to snap one.)20150816_142005
Want to know something funny about Canada? They still have pay phones and phone booths – everywhere! Boy has it been a while since I’ve seen one of those! 20150816_14515320150816_163947


























The Bay of Fundy, with its extreme tidal changes and beautiful coastline, was really what we came to New Brunswick, Canada to see, and it certainly lived up to the hype. Not only was our campground on the water where we could enjoy plenty of views and beach play, but it was also just a 5 minute drive to the sea caves of St. Martins.

20150816_164008We waded through a few streams and puddles and explored the caves together, just minutes after the tide had rushed out of the area – a bit surreal really.20150816_172055



Just one more thing we had to do with the birthday boy in Canada – a bit of shopping and restauranting. We strolled around downtown Saint John and found the famous city market where we bought a bit of fresh fruit and a super nice latte (thankfully quite affordable though, thanks to the “strong American dollar”). Then we stopped by the book store and snagged a few books we’d been looking for.

















































After so much restaurant hunting, this one definitely took the cake. Urban Deli is full of local people and local food, and it was by far the best food we had while in Canada!


















































He had plenty of great food and plenty of Canadian fun. Our birthday boy was all smiles. “Second best birthday so far,” he said, “right after that big Braves game last year.” We’ll take it – O Canada, thanks for making our birthday boy a happy one.


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