Our Airstream: Photo Tour

This month marks 2 full years since we purchased our Airstream (downsizing from a big 5th wheel), and we couldn’t be happier. We call her Spot, and nearly 15,000 miles later she is still going strong. Since there are so many other travelers always asking us how we make full-time Airstreaming work for a family of 4, we thought we’d give a little photo tour of her – lots of different angles, especially of the storage, and even a glimpse into the most lived-in spots as well. For those interested in the details of the Airstream, she’s a 30 ft. 2014 Flying Cloud Bunkhouse. Let us know in the comments if you have questions; we always love sharing ideas with others! muffinsIMG_20160429_153458IMG_20160429_172356IMG_20160429_173624IMG_20160430_082224IMG_20160430_082200IMG_20160429_173643IMG_20160430_082219IMG_20160430_083325


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  1. s

    Thanks for the tour! We have the same model and I love how you organized the larger hanging closet. Do you mind sharing what type of shelves you installed?
    I also hadn’t thought of using the pantry for clothes and the ‘closet’ drawers for food!

    1. Matthew

      Picked up some shelves from either Home Depot or Lowes and cut them to size drilling holes for small shelving brackets to hold everything in place. They are simply the white covered plywood shelves. Nothing fancy since they are hidden in the closet anyways!

  2. Darryl Beshears

    Hi, we just passed you on Route 13 on the eastern shore of VA. We have a 29′ Ambassador that we have been getting ready to hit the road with. Saw your web address so thought we’d look you up. Sounds like a great adventure. Happy Streaming, and may see you out there

  3. Bob & Keran Hayllar

    We enjoyed the tour. We met several weeks ago at Mt. Desert Camp Grounds. We are from north Georgia. We were the ones with the GA. plate on the back and the Alaska plate on the front of our big green van.

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