Our Approach

MO Water

After years of being involved in ministry and church life at different places we have steadily been figuring out what our role is in this process of day to day.  We have always been a little different in our view of what ministry looks like and continue to refine that daily.

For myself it is keeping things simple. I have gravitated away from well thought out programs, flashy lights, the ability to set the mood of church, and taken on a more real straight forward approach to things. No longer hoping someone will come into the doors of the church but rather hitting the streets and connecting with people out there.  Don’t get me wrong as people need to have a place of foundation to rely on but our role is become one of meeting people where they are at.

This isn’t standing on your soapbox raining down hellfire and brimstone. Not even sharing a strategic path to salvation plan with someone. Our approach simply is being real with people. Truly investing in the lives of those we come across and taking the time to actually listen to what they have to say. It is amazing what people will share once they know that someone cares and actually wants to hear their story and then even wanting our input into their lives.

That was the lightbulb moment! So many people had come into churches and listened to what the preacher had to say but no one was taking the time to hear what they had to say.

Campgrounds have provided the perfect atmosphere for meeting people where they are at.  It gives them a break from everyday life so they are more approachable and possibly some of the most inviting people that you will encounter.  Shared meals, late night chats, lending a helping hand if something is broken, and willingness to let you into their lives quickly.

The question is asked, “Well how is that effective if you aren’t making a long-term connection with them?”. Crazy thing is that we have made that with more people on the road than ever staying in one spot.  We call, text, email, instagram, facebook, and any other means of communication that you can think of with heaps of people that we have met in just our 10 months on the road.  The beauty of this ministry idea is that when people who are on the road full-time like us catch the same vision of sharing their faith in a simple manner it has the ability to spread quickly (since we are mobile)!

Stay tuned for great things!