Padre Island National Seashore

We crossed the border into Texas on Tuesday, November 17, and quickly made our way around all possible traffic fiascos via the Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry (a first for our little Spot) toward Corpus Christi and “the world’s longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island” Padre Island National Seashore. I have to admit that I’m always pretty impressed with Matthew’s route planning abilities since he has always been able to find fun things to do and beautiful places to see during our drives, but this time he really found something special for this sea-loving, national-park-adventuring family!

Spending nearly 2 weeks on Padre Island was unbelievable! We camped right on the beach for 2 marvelous days and nights, and then were forced to retreat to the campground for the rest of the time due to high tides (We didn’t want the Airstream stuck out there), but we still enjoyed the beach every day. The fishing was super fun (huge red drums and yummy whiting and Pompanos), the junior ranger program was exceptional, the Ranger-led programs were phenomenal (birding, watercolors, beach walks, and deck talks), and the birding (a completely new interest for our boys) was out of this world! We listened to the waves crash all day and all night long through open windows, smelled the sweet ocean air, watched the sun rise over the waves from bed, rescued about 50 sea stars, dodged too many Portugese Man-O-War to count, enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving feast, fought humidity, salt and sand, and loved every single minute (except for the soggy inside bit). Here are just a few of our hundreds of gorgeous photos.



  1. Betsy Johnson

    Glad to see you guys enjoying your journey. I hope you are in an area that was not in the bad weather. We will be going to VBSP on Monday, will miss your family at the park.

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