Rock Hound State Park New Mexico

Did you know there are a couple of state parks in the US that actually encourage kids and adults to dig for rocks and minerals and take a few home? Well, our master trip planner found one of them, and we had a blast camping and rockhounding for a weekend in New Mexico at Rockhound State Park. Plus, the hiking (actually mountain climbing in some areas) was superb, the campground was immaculate with extremely large, well-kept sites, and the sunsets were simply surreal. We even dug for gems on the mountain cliff and found a real geode – a big treat for our little boys! And although there were rattlesnake, scorpion and tarantula warnings everywhere, the worst thing we experienced was a few cactus spines caught in our fleece jackets. Truly a beautiful place! I hope we are able to visit more New Mexico state parks in the future!

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