Saguaro National Park

Ever since we first started traveling in our Airstream a few years ago, we have been dreaming of visiting the big national parks out west like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and this one – Saguaro National Park, and it did not disappoint. We stayed at the nearby Gilbert Ray Campground (just $20/night for a power-only site) and spent a few days investigating all of the gorgeous nearby saguaros (pronounced “suh-whar-o,” not the way we Georgia folks say it “suh-gwhar-o”). We drove through Tucson and were pleasantly surprised to find forests of the giant cacti around nearly every corner. We also spent a morning hiking to the ancient petroglyphs and completing a couple of super fun Junior Ranger booklets. Then we were all treated a special consultation and learning session with the ranger before our little guys received their special Junior Ranger pins and patches. (We bought the patches for just about $3.) We learned so much about the Sonoran Desert, the only place on the planet where these majestic giants can grow, but the biggest lesson of all was discovering that although we had seen a million photographs before, there really is nothing like seeing them in person for the first time. It is absolutely breathtaking the mysteries of creation.

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