Sedona, Arizona

Sedona has been described to us by other travelers as a boondockers paradise and a hiker’s dream (and a little “out there” too), and after spending almost a week there, I would say that we agree. We so enjoyed Sedona’s hot days, warm nights, urban hiking, and the boondocking on Forest Road 525 with sweet views and stellar full-timing neighbors turned friends, but we’re not quite sure we got the whole vortex and hot yoga thing. Our favorite part was the people we met from 2WanderAway, and their friends (now our friends too) FindingMarshall and RVChickadee. Our second favorite was visiting the Palatki Ruins Heritage Site – a completely fascinating guided tour of an ancient civilization. So, in the end, would we go back? Absolutely, but maybe not right away. Who knows where we’ll end up next year – isn’t that the fun part?

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