Solar Eclipse Party August 21, 2017

Like a lot of traveling families, we became solar eclipse nerds a couple of years ago when we learned that a Total Solar Eclipse would pass through much of the USA. We made our summer plans around being in the path of totality (and remade them a couple of times), and when the day arrived, we camped out in Benton, Tennessee and shared the experience with some travel friends from Canada (the very first family we met while traveling actually – and amazingly, 4 years later, they’re still friends with us!) We were even able to roll in a birthday celebration for our oldest who turned 12 just a few days before the eclipse.


Overall, standing in the shadow of the moon for 2 full minutes was one of our very favorite travel moments of all time – an experience we are so glad we didn’t miss – an experience we hope our boys never forget. The totality of the eclipse was completely worth driving a few extra hours to experience – those 2 minutes when the moon passed directly between us and the sun and we were able to stare at the sun directly with no glasses were probably the weirdest 2 minutes of our lives. It immediately went from the bright summer mid-day sun to pitch black night. The birds started singing, the locusts chirping, and we even heard a few animal howls in the woods. Then, just minutes later, we were back in the mid-day again (with our eclipse glasses back on in plenty of time). Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe it.


I know lots of folks who were underwhelmed by the eclipse because they weren’t in the path of the totality, and trying to explain the opposite experience to them is quite challenging. It’s true that some will never know because it really is a feeling that can’t be described, but here’s a short video our Canadian friends made that gives just a hint of what we saw that day: Click here for the video (use password eclipse).

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