Surviving Snow and Ice in an Airstream

20150224_095438Winter Camping in North Georgia

“Why didn’t we choose a warmer winter destination?” This phrase jumped into our minds a couple of weeks ago as we sat in bed looking at Instagram photos of all those fulltime RVers in the Florida Keys while hearing sleet and ice ping off our Airstream roof. We actually chose this winter destination out of necessity as it’s in a very central location for the consulting work we’ve been doing during January-February, and because this really nice campground had a camphost opening. But it sure has been cold! Needless to say, we’re making some very different plans for next winter. (No offense to our home state – we’ll be back sooner or later.)















We had snow and ice on three different occasions, which meant weeks and weeks of wet, cold, dreary weather – something we aren’t really accustomed to, especially after spending the fall in the cold hills of Kentucky (where we had our first snow on the Airstream back in October-November). The good news is we learned how to survive a 2+ day power outage with no alternate power source. Thankfully we had a great propane-burning furnace to keep us warm (that ironically blew up this weekend after the weather warmed up), but there was a lot of midnight battery recharging to run the furnace fan and lots of creativity to keep us all busy and happy for 2+ powerless days, especially since, of course, we weren’t able to use the TV or very many lights for the entire time. You probably guessed that we are now officially jumping on the solar bandwagon and planning to install solar panels within the next month (future post to come).

Yes, we do realize that a couple of inches of snow and a fraction of an inch of ice is really nothing compared to what the good folks in most of the rest of the country had to endure over the last several months, but for us Georgia natives, it was enough to launch us into Snowbird mode for the next couple of years at least.

All in all, the Airstream held up rather well, and we had loads of fun throwing snowballs, making snowmen, and eating ice from the trees. However, now we do fully recognize that campers were meant for fair weather, so we’re going to chase it and see what happens.IMG_20150217_231711


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