The Magic of Schoodic

We’ve been hearing about this place called Schoodic for months now, but then again we’ve been hearing about so many wonderful, majestic places to visit at Acadia National Park and trying to get to each one. Finally, though, we made the trek out to Schoodic Peninsula, and then we understood. It is breathtakingly gorgeous, and although it’s definitely a part of Acadia National Park for good reason, it is surprisingly different. Hopefully these photos can show at least a little of the magic.

(PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS: The Rockefeller House is part of the Schoodic Education and Research Institute with fascinating exhibits about the naval history of the island and the research and education that still goes on there…Schoodic’s cobble beaches are breathtaking… Picnicking on the rocks overlooking the vast sea makes lunch quite an exciting thing…The walk around Little Moose Island gives new views around every corner… The Tidepool Touch Ranger Program was a huge hit with our boys… There was no shortage of beautiful views for photo opportunities.)20150713_13293520150719_135017









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