Unfair Advantage

IMG_20140531_073028When we started this full-time RV adventure we had the idea that we needed the most space possible. Just imagine going from a house with four people and all of their stuff to a very limited space on wheels. Our initial thought was that we needed as much space as we could possibly haul on the road. So we bought our first rig. Standing alone it was 44 feet long with three slide-outs and a back porch. Remember, at this point we had weren’t sure what ministry would entail – we were just getting on the road to see what happened. The space was nice, but overall the maneuvering wasn’t something that was good for my stress level. After multiple issues with our tow vehicle, I made the executive decision to trade the whole setup. Here enters the best decision we have made so far – The Airstream!



While hosting at campgrounds we had seen opportunity after opportunity to talk and share our faith with people and listen to their amazing stories. It was evident that we were at the point to take advantage of this and impact people’s lives. Never did it occur that the change of our living arrangement would allow even more encounters and conversations than before. So, down we went from 44 feet/3 slide-outs to not quite 31 feet/0 slide-outs of shiny aluminum, and up we went from a few conversations a week to so so many.

Do they still make those things? Love that old school camper! (it is a 2014) How do you like that? Where are you from? You are full-time? How do you do that? Did you win the lottery? (possibly the #1 question and actually quite the opposite) What made you decide to travel? I guess you homeschoool. These are just a few of the most common questions or comments we constantly get.

Airstream FrontThanks to our little Airstream, people open the door quickly for us to share what we do and why we do it without even realizing. So yeah, it is an unfair advantage. If you are someone who has spent anytime in church, you probably have learned that we are all meant to be sharing the message of Christ. My issue, and the issue for many people, is how do you start that conversation without seeming like you are a hellfire and brimstone fool? That isn’t the message I would ever want to convey. We are a family that is going to love people and serve them the best way we know how. Whether that is lending an ear or a hand to help. Just as we are trying to continually better ourselves, we hope that we can impact those we come in contact with.

Yeah, we understand not everyone “gets it”. We know we have been called to do this even though it is far from comfortable Christianity. It is a life of simply making the most of our opportunities. Honestly, we have prayed for something where we feel like we are making the biggest impact on the maximum amount of people. Never did we dream it would look like this, but we’re thankful it does because there are so many people who aren’t going to church and they aren’t yet open to hearing about Jesus from the people they know. But then they meet this young family on a camping trip who have left their extended family, abandoned their careers for the most part, sold their big home, and hit the road for one simple purpose – to show God’s love in a new way – and it makes them think. And that’s something the Holy Spirit can use.

Growing up, I hated the movie Field of Dreams for no reason at all. Most people know the “if you build it, they will come” line from that movie. We didn’t necessarily build anything but just asked and were willing to do what we said we would. So ,as we continue traveling from place to place, seeing the beauty that this country has to offer, we are even more excited about the beautiful people we are going to meet.

If you made it this far down in my ramblings then I commend you and offer you this bit of encouragement. You are made for a purpose too. Something great. More than a paycheck. More than surviving another day. Step into something amazing today. Who knows what your story could be!




  1. Debra Bergmark

    I enjoyed this. Our family is about to embark on the same exciting journey. We are selling our 3100 sq ft home & everything in it & buying a 5th wheel to travel full time & workamp. Hubby got the big truck to haul the big 5th wheel & although I know the space will be nice (42 ft with 5 slide outs) I’m starting to wonder if it’ll be too big. We have 3 children (almost 9, 5, almost 4) & a bunkhouse was #1 on my list so they could have their own space, but really wherever we are that’s where they are. Who knows in a year or so maybe we’ll downsize. What advice can you give the newcomers who are about to hit the road?
    On a separate note I hadn’t thought about how doing this can be a type of ministry. I know it’s been put into my mind on more than one occasion about how we have too much going on in our lives to truly hear the word of God. Too much work, stress, stuff, just too busy. I feel like doing this will allow me (hopefully hubby too) to really get rid of all the stuff blocking my ability to hear God clearly. At church last Sunday one verse really stood out & spoke to me Luke 14:33 “So you cannot become my disciple without giving up everything you own.” I know we’re not completely without everything, but we’re pretty darn close. Still I think this is a huge step in the right direction. Who knows what it’ll bring & who we might come across & how we will impact them or vice versa. I’m excited & a bit nervous to find out.

    1. Matthew

      Hey Debra sorry for the late response! Y’all seem to be going on the initial route we went with. We sold the big house and not having an RV before we went with a 43ft 5th wheel so our boys could have plenty of space. We soon came to find out for us that we could not get into a lot of places that we wanted to visit. We like to boondock and also try to get into some of the more remote sites. With our 30ft Airstream it is still quit larger than a lot of other people’s rigs. It works for us and honestly we have said that we could go smaller if needed.

      I think as you get miles under you then you will find out what works and doesn’t work for you family. Honestly it just feels good realize how little you need to be happy. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask and we will be sure to be more prompt with our responses from now on!

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