Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware

This part of our trip marked the entry into territory we’d never been to before. Here’s a list of the places we had the privilege of visiting in these states:

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, VA to MD– This was such a great surprise to start off our second week! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we left Georgia with some idea of the general path to Maine, but we left heaps of room for surprises and adventures along the way, and this was definitely one of them! We located a national park on the map that seemed to be a good stopping point between where we were in North Carolina and where we wanted to go in Delaware, and we headed that way.IMG_20150413_113931 A few minutes later Matthew said, “Hey, I think we’re about to get to a really long tunnel-bridge combo!” and then we happened upon this beauty. What a great surprise! Thankfully the tunnels were pretty short and the bridges were pretty long! And there was a scenic outlook where we could stop and eat lunch and calm our nerves! This bridge-tunnel combo gave us a really outstanding view of the Chesapeake Bay, and also with such long stretches of bridge surrounded by nothing but crystal blue water, it reminded us a lot of the 7-mile bridge on the way to Key West. Yes, the cost is a little steep if you’re hauling a few more axles than normal ($22 for us), but it’s truly something to see if you’re ever close by!

20150413_163903Assateague Island National Seashore, Assateague Island, MD – We love camping at National Parks if we can because they normally have plenty of fun, educational things to do, and this one definitely did not disappoint. With a gorgeous beach, heaps of wild horses everywhere, and only a few human visitors, we felt like we had found our own private paradise. Unfortunately it was too cold swim in the waves, but we still had plenty of fun walking along the surf, collecting shells and admiring the beautiful horses. Then after checkout the next day we took the boys to the Visitor’s Center to complete their Junior Ranger booklets. There we met the sweetest Ranger whose swear-in speech had something about eating vegetables (which of course, didn’t trick our boys for a moment). This was so much fun – completely worth the $20/night + $15 entrance fee.

20150414_173456Dogfish Head Tour, Milton, DE– Yes, this is something only Matthew has been looking forward to for weeks, but honestly we all really enjoyed it. It’s kind of amazing that just 20 or so years ago a guy decided to start a little homebrew business with a rudimentary set-up, and his little hobby turned into a very lucrative business right in the middle of nowhere, Delaware. Upon arrival not only do they give you 4 free sample beers of your choice, but they also offer free birch root beer for the kids, as much cold water as you need, and an hour-long tour of the brewery and bottling facility. The grand total for all of it – $0. Pretty cool indeed. The only disappointment we had was that their magnificent treehouse was closed that day. We still took a photo with it though! What I learned here is not to put myself in a box. Sure, I don’t like beer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a brewery tour. I must admit though, any other brewery is going to have to really be something to top this one!

16 Mile Brewery (Harvest Host site) – I really don’t want to say anything negative about a local business that allowed us to stay overnight at no charge, but if you’re looking into Harvest Host camping, this probably shouldn’t be your first stop. Not only did the staff not know they were a part of the Harvest Host directory until we showed them the website, but the night was extremely sleepless and noisy with trucks and cars coming through all night long, even though the business officially closed at 8pm.

Washington, D.C. – After living on this earth for 33 years, I was finally able to visit Washington D.C. for the first time ever! (Matthew has been before, but not me or the boys). However, I can’t possibly give all the details in this post. We stayed there an entire week, so we’ll let her have her own post all to herself… Coming soon!






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