Yellowstone National Park

This year we built our summer plans around getting ourselves to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks before the crowds. So, we arrived at the park even before the snow had fully melted in the south, found a stellar boondocking spot just outside of West Yellowstone (Targhee Creek), and made our plans for park visits on weekdays, just to be safe. I even took a week of vacation from work so we could be there on optimal low-crowd days. But, alas, the crowds were there in the form of the infamous Yellowstone traffic jams, and although we stayed in the area over 2 weeks, we didn’t see all of Yellowstone we wanted to see. However, we did see Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the mud pots (our favorite), as well as plenty of bison up close (!!), a few bears, and moose as well. We liked Yellowstone, and it really is something you can’t miss when traveling the country full-time, but we definitely wouldn’t call it our favorite park. (By the way, if you haven’t been there, most of the park smells like sulfur – that’s where all the cool geothermal features come from – a giant underground volcano.) So, in the end, we are so glad we got to experience even half of the park, and it’s on our list for the future – although we’re hoping to get there for snowmobile season next time instead of the long lines of cars.


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  1. Meredith McKnight

    Love seeing ya’lls adventures so much! This makes me want to save my pennies and head West, it’s been years since I went to Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.
    Thank you for sharing your family fun. Safe travels on your travels back to Georgia.

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