Zion National Park

We have heard so many outstanding things about Zion National Park that we absolutely had to make the trip, and of course, the park absolutely did not disappoint; it was gorgeous. The beauty was overwhelming and inspiring at the same time, but unfortunately on the week that we visited, the spring break crowds were overwhelming too. Thankfully, we scored a prime boondocking spot at Leeds Canyon in the Dixie National Forest where our boys could roam around and explore a gorgeous creek, and where we could all enjoy hiking along the road and admiring the atv traffic.

On our agenda for the week were several of the famous hikes of Zion; The Narrows and Angel’s Landing our top two choices. However, when we entered the park and saw the crowds, we took the shuttle tour a couple of times, tried a couple of short hikes, enjoyed the ranger program and museum, and quickly changed our plans for the rest of the week, spending most of our time at the much less-crowded Kolob Canyons side of the park. With its outstanding views and perfect trails, Kolob would be a great choice no matter what. Our favorites were the Taylor Creek and La Verkin Trails – both challenging in a really good way – the perfect hikes for us.

In future years we hope to return to Zion in the off season to hike Angel’s Landing and the Narrows, along with Hidden Canyon too, and as many others as we can, but we are thankful for the time we had there, so glad we discovered Kolob too. Besides, not too many times in your life do you get to hike comfortably in shorts and a tank top and then just so happen to walk up on a snowbank for an impromptu snowball fight – probably our favorite part of canyon hiking!

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